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Investment Criteria

  • Geography
    • Growing secondary and tertiary markets domestically -Strong focus on the mountain states and southeast United States
    • Selective geographies internationally
  • Total Project Size
    • $20M to $250M
  • Core Verticals
    • Hospitality (Hotels)
    • Multifamily (Corporate Housing and Condos)
    • Education (Student Housing and K-20 Schools)
    • Industrial (NNN, Build-to-Suit)
  • Opportunistic
    • Office
    • Retail
    • Healthcare (Assisted Living)


  • Optimizing the Capital Structure for the Opportunity (Debt and Equity)
  • Typically Lead Developer: Open to Joint Venture and Co-Invest
  • Master Planning and Development
  • Entitilement Services
  • Build-to-Suit Opportunities
  • Phasing and Pricing Strategy
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Product or Asset Branding and Positioning
  • Strategic Marketing Plan Development

Project Map

ERES Capital Leadership Team

Mike Elliott

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Bradley


Kate Waggoner

Chief Operating Officer

Dean Schmitt

Managing Director

Harley Sisler

Vice President

Michael Lapporte

Vice President | Acquisitions

Robert Bradley

Managing Director

Tim Brekel

EVP | Project Management

Tom Elliott

EVP | Property and Asset Services

JC Garcia

Senior Project Manager

Austin Watson

Senior Project Manager

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