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Offering affordable solutions that dramatically improve project efficiency, drones provide the actionable information and visuals that lead to better decisions. Through a 360° detailed perspective, you get the real-time data you need for an on-time and on-budget project…while eliminating safety risks for your team.

From site-mapping to progress to closeout, ERES Construction offers scalable, end-to-end drone solutions for every stage of your project. Our FAA-compliant, licensed and insured drone pilots are available nationwide to capture the birds eye perspective that is so crucial to project success.

Core Services

Surveying and Mapping

Drone surveying and mapping is proven to be easier, faster and more affordable than traditional land services.

Progress Monitoring (Photo and Video)

Spot obstacles early on through aerial photo and video which provide real-time, 360° project documentation.

Aerial Photography and Videography

Drones provide the unique photo and video perspective to make your marketing materials stand out from the crowd.

Asset and Facilities Inspection

Drones take the safety risk out of inspecting locations and structures that are difficult and/or dangerous to access.

Aerial Imaging (Visual and Thermal)

Advanced technologies provide valuable information prior to breaking ground and detects heat loss and water leaks.

Custom Solutions

Big or small, we can help customize a drone solution that fits your specific needs.


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