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ERES Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary!

Energy Real Estate Solutions is pleased to celebrate our one-year corporate anniversary!  There has been no lack of excitement during our first twelve months which have been filled with tremendous growth, amazing partnerships, and tumultuous times for the energy and real estate industries.  As we reflect upon our successes and trials during this first year, we are proud of our momentum, our people and the impact they have made, and our mission – to enable energy companies and investors to achieve commercial success in energy markets by providing a “one-stop-shop” for all real estate services.

Most importantly, ERES would like to extend a sincere thanks to our clients and those who have supported our team across the past year.  Our gratitude for your partnership, trust, and encouragement is overwhelming and we look forward to further building our relationships and exceeding your expectations going forward.

Looking ahead, our goal remains the same as it did at the outset:  As North American energy markets, particularly those in rural areas, continue to challenge the business community with their complexity, ERES will continue to provide a suite of services and level of sophistication typically characteristic of large real estate markets.  Our value will continue to lie in our industry and geographic knowledge, our expertise in the energy industry, our integrity, and the breadth of our skills.  Our reputation stands upon our ability to maximize the value of clients’ real estate portfolios through brokerage, management of existing and future real estate projects, and consulting on various development and investment endeavors.

Here’s to an amazing second year!


The ERES Team

Click here to view the ERES Anniversary press release.