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ERES Announces Five-Year Anniversary

The full-service commercial real estate firm focuses on growth and expansion as it releases key growth statistics


ERES CEO Mike Elliott and ERES President Tom Bradley

DENVER, CO — April 23, 2019 — Energy Real Estate Solutions (ERES), a full-service real estate firm providing brokerage, development, property management, construction management, investment and consulting services in and around the world’s most active energy and opportunistic markets, has announced its five-year corporate anniversary and released key growth statistics. Launched in Denver, CO in April 2014, ERES has experienced monumental growth and success since opening its doors, with many major milestones occurring in the past six months.

2014 – 2019 Key Growth Milestones and Statistics:

  • Completed real estate transactions and projects in 26 U.S. states and seven countries
  • Opened seven regional offices located in Denver, CO (HQ), Fort Worth, TX, Houston, TX, Midland, TX, New York, NY, Williston, ND and the first international office in Neuquén, Argentina
  • Increased revenue 70% from 2017-2018; 1700% since company inception
  • Represented the sale or lease of over $1 billion of land or property (2018 EOY)
  • Managed over 5 million square feet, including 4,000+ multifamily units (2018 EOY)
  • Diversified service offering with the addition of full-service investment and development division ERES Capital (2019)
  • Bolstered leadership team with the addition of a Chief Operating Officer and Controller (2019)
  • Established the community-focused corporate social responsibility (CSR) program ERES Foundations (2019)

ERES was formed to address a dire need witnessed within the energy industry – helping companies and investors better understand the intricacies of rural real estate markets. Starting with four people at a kitchen table, in five short years ERES has expanded to a full-service real estate team of over 130 staff members who have worked with numerous global corporate clients, including Fortune 500 energy companies, to solve some of their largest and most challenging real estate issues.

“It’s truly amazing to see the company we have built, and the success we have realized, over these past five years,” said Mike Elliott, ERES Chief Executive Officer. “From day one ERES has set itself apart by being 100% client-centric, offering a unique full-scale business model, and hiring some of the hardest working team members in the real estate industry. Our foundation is going above and beyond to meet any client need or challenge – large or small. Whether that means changing air filters at properties located in ‘middle-of-nowhere’ tertiary markets, or hopping on a plane to Neuquén, Argentina to ensure we have boots-on-the-ground intel to secure office space in a tight timeline. Our differentiator is that we know our success only comes after our clients see success.”

With a cultivated specialization in key shale plays, ERES has become the go-to expert for opportunistic investors and businesses with operations in and around the world’s most active energy markets, offering deep knowledge and expertise in the various ways oil activity impacts real estate investments and development.

“What we’ve learned from working in rural and tertiary markets for over a decade is that it’s often impossible to establish a meaningful real estate presence, and experience positive returns, in these areas without boots-on-the-ground,” says Tom Bradley, ERES President. “ERES provides the necessary first hand, eyewitness exposure and insight into these challenging markets that are so critical to the success of our clients’ businesses and investors’ portfolios.”

Looking forward, ERES plans to continue a focus on longevity, diversification, and leveraging its multi-service business model to bring sophisticated, tailored solutions to rural markets. The firm is strategically focused on building a best-in-class team, growing current markets and expanding into new ones, expanding further into Argentinian and South American shale plays, and growing current service lines.

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Energy Real Estate Solutions (ERES) is a full-service commercial real estate firm focused on helping energy companies and investors maximize their real estate portfolios. ERES provides brokerage, investment, development, project management, property and asset management, workforce housing, and consulting services in and around the world’s most active energy and opportunistic markets. The firm currently operates out of seven offices located in Denver, CO (Headquarters), Fort Worth, TX, Houston, TX, Midland, TX, New York, NY, Williston, ND, and Neuquén, Argentina. For more information, visit


Julia DuVal
Director of Marketing