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Sarasota, FL | Fruitville Condominiums

Sarasota Multifamily

Luxury Downtown Condominium Development

Sarasota, FL

This 5-story, luxury, multifamily investment is to be built in the heart of the Sarasota CBD on Fruitville Road.  The road acts as a main gateway and thoroughfare to the downtown Sarasota market.

Project Information

  • Proposed 34-unit, 100,000 GSF luxury condominium development
  • Located steps from downtown Sarasota, with access to:
    • Dining
    • Theaters
    • Art Galleries
    • Payne Park
    • Bayfront

Investment Highlights

  • Prime site location; walking distance to downtown and located within the burgeoning Rosemary District
  • Estimated completion: September 2024
  • Population growth in Sarasota has more than doubled that of the US average over the past 10 years and is projected to increase that trajectory over the next 5 years
  • Demand for luxury condominiums in this market is evidenced by strong sales figures from other projects in the area, as well as immense price growth of over 15% in the past year
  • The small size of the project (34 units) will lend itself to a higher likelihood of success based on it not oversaturating the market
  • Dynamic leisure and activity market
  • Strong risk-adjusted returns and net project margin