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Chela Humber

project manager


Chela Humber has over 7 years of diversified experience in Construction Project Management, Facilities Planning, and Interior Design.  She adds value to the ERES team by consistently creating progressive office experiences, skillfully forecasting projects, and effectively managing teams of all sizes.

Prior to joining ERES, Chela served as a Construction Project Manager at Global Real Estate & Facilities SAP America.  During her time in this role, she headed the renovations of a 36,000 SF sales and developer acquisition facility in Birmingham, AL, a 15,000 SF new developer facility in Lake Mary, FL, and a 50,000 SF SAF “front runner” space in Reston, VA, to name a few.  Chela has been recognized as both the Herman Miller Classic award winner in 2019 and the recipient of the SAP Appreciate Award in 2020.

Chela received her BS in Interior Design at Philadelphia University in 2017 and went on to receive her MS in Construction Management from Jefferson University in 2021.